We’re excited to announce the release of version 2.1 for the Vietnam legislation package in Sage X3! This update brings a crucial feature for international companies operating in Vietnam: English translation reports for all five mandatory reports included in the Vietnamese legislation package.

Why English Translation is Essential

For international companies using Sage X3 in Vietnam, navigating local regulations and generating compliant reports can be challenging. Having access to English translations of these reports streamlines your compliance process and provides a clear understanding of the data within.

Generating English Reports in 4 Easy Steps

With version 2.1, generating reports in English is a simple process:

1/ Access Reports Function: Navigate to the “Reports” function AIMP from the Sage X3 Navigation Menu

2/ Select Report Code: Choose the report you want to generate in English. For example, to access the Cash Flow report, enter the code “YVNCASHFLOW.”

3/ Set Language to English: Under “Parameters,” select “Language” and choose “ENG – English American” to generate the report in English.

4/ Generate and View Report: Select necessary value in “Report Destination” and “Output characteristics,” then press “Print” button to generate the report. The result will be your “CASHFLOW” report displayed in English.

Version 2.1 of the Vietnam Legislation Pack now includes English translations of key reports:

  • Balance sheet report: VNBS200ENG
  • Income statement: VNPL200ENG
  • Cash flow statement: YVNCASHFLOW
  • VAT Input report: YVNVATINPUT
  • VAT output report: YVNVATOUTPUT

Stay Compliant and Informed

The new English translation reports in Sage X3 Vietnam legislation version 2.1 empower international companies to stay compliant and gain valuable insights into their Vietnamese operations. Contact Ekino Vietnam today to learn more about this exciting update!