From a single site to a multi-site business

SCA Pharmaceuticals needed a reliable business management system before becoming a multi-site, multi-manufacturing company. Management said this solution must support a lot of flexibility to support growth. They also wanted to connect to their e-commerce platform.

Sage X3 is enabling companies to unlock business growth by delivering end-to-end scale and visibility at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical enterprise ERP systems.

We had multiple different requirements, we needed to have scalability, flexibility, reliability. We also knew that we were going to be in a rapid growth mode.

Matthew Collins – Vice-President of Information Technology

Business management, customized

SCA Pharmaceuticals built its own front-end e-commerce platform, integrating through an API to Sage X3. The company re-engineered its processes, going from a smaller to a medium-sized business.

The benefit that we received immediately was the ability to open a second manufacturing facility.

Matthew Collins – Vice-President of Information Technology

Empowered employees, improved business processes

Sage X3 provided SCA Pharmaceuticals management with a stable foundation to grow the company, and make changes to operations while maintaining quality and consistency. As well as IT, business unit managers are beginning to uncover the possibilities Sage X3 offers, in terms of future process improvement.

The ability to re-engineer our process… that was all driven by capabilities within Sage X3.

Matthew Collins – Vice-President of Information Technology

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